The Best Wedding Dance Floor Props to Get People on the Dance Floor

September 19, 2022

Everyone loves a wedding reception where the dance floor is packed all night long, so I’ve rounded up the best wedding dance floor props to keep guests dancing!  Props encourage people to get out on the dance floor and keep them out there for longer.  Plus guests of all ages can use them and they make for some great photos.  Here are my picks for the best wedding dance floor props!

Photo credit: Emilie Anne Photography (top) and Pine and Blossom Photography (bottom)

1.  Since I’m in Texas, I had to kick off the list with light up cowboy hats!  Cowboy hats are a fun way to bring a western touch to the dance floor.  Plus, the lights on the hats will make for some fun, colorful photos when everyone is dancing the night away.

Photo credit: Lorena Burns Photography (left) and Caitlin Rose Photography (right)

2. Foam glow sticks have really taken off as a wedding dance floor prop during the last few years.  The large tubes are filled with colorful lights and add a pop of color when the lights are dimmed.  Guests will love dancing along to the beat with these in their hands.

Photo credit: Caitlin Rose Photography

3. Funky glasses are a great prop that guests can use without worrying about messing up their hair.  Glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll be able to find some that match your taste.  Some of my favorites include glasses that light up and the 2000s shutter-style glasses.

Photo credit: Caitlin Rose Photography (top and bottom left) and Elizabeth Denny Photography (bottom right)

4. Foam party hats are a great way to break the ice on the dance floor.  The goofier, the better!  Guests will get a kick out of seeing other peoples’ hats and enjoy showing off their dance moves with hats on their heads.  Plus they double as props for the photo booth!

Photo credit: Andrea Tinc Photography

5. Boho chic has been in style for several years now, so why not have floral headbands for guests to wear on the dance floor?  You can do faux florals with cascading ribbons or have your florist make some floral crowns in various sizes for guests to enjoy.  These are a great way to add in unexpected pops of your wedding colors to the reception.

6. There’s something about dancing with a feather boa that takes the dance floor to the next level.  You can find boas in almost any color, so choose your favorites and hand them out to guests when they hit the floor.  

7. Flags are another wedding dance floor prop that guests will enjoy while they’re dancing.  Like the foam glow sticks, people love having something to hold onto while they’re dancing.  Flags are a great option if you want to represent another country at your wedding.

So that’s the list of the best wedding dance floor props!  I love this list because you can choose as many or as few of the props as you like.  Plus they’re all customizable so you can choose props that match your wedding design.  Guests are going to love having props to dance with and you’re sure to get some great photos!

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